Who are we?

We are IT people who are fascinated by technology.
We deal in used items, but in great condition, sold at awesome prices!
Our customer service is designed to give maximum support for our customers,
because customers are the most important for us!


We offer free delivery on our items. Say NO to additional costs!

100% Working

We test everything we can, so if we say something is working, then it IS WORKING!

High quality

Our items are clean, tested, kept in antistatic bags and stored in proper conditions.

100% Satisfaction

If You have any problem with Your item, we will find a way to help You and resolve the matter.

No mistakes!

We sell ONLY items that we actually have in stock. This way You can be sure that Your order will be fullfiled.


EASY returns and refunds. Our friendly customer support will resolve any problem for You.

What we are selling?

We sell used, second hand computer/server, laptop and electronic components.
Those parts come from dissasembling computers and laptops, and everything we think is worth disassembling.

Retro Stuff

Old consoles, vintage motherboards, old memories, retro computers, 486, 286, 386, Pentium II, ISA cards

Laptop Parts

Speakers, palmrests, optical drives, display cables, hinges, heatsinks, fans, hdd caddies, cameras, microphones, inverters

AC Adapters

Chargers not only for laptops, but also phones, model trains, robots, routers, other electronic devices

Power Supply Units

We got many computer PSUs: 200W, 250W, 350W, 400W, 500W, AT and ATX. For Dell? HP? Fujitsu?

Computer Parts

Anything from hard drives and optical drives, to memories, CPUs, PCI, AGP, PCI-EX, PCI-X, Motherboards and more.


Want to connect Your laptop or just add additional USB ports. We have WIFI PCMCIA, ethernet, USB and many more!

Check our stock!